Become a Power Partner Today and Start Earning

Your friends get a 5% discount off our fee and YOU GET 5% of our fee


It’s our referral programme but more importantly, it’s a way of you saving your friends money, and making yourself money, all at the same time.

Oh… and helping us help more people… It’s a win, win, win 🙂


  1. Sign up to the Power Partners 5/5 Club Referral Programme
  2. Share your unique referral link EVERYWHERE (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  3. Your friends get 5% off our fee… thanks to you
  4. YOU get 5% of the fee… as a thank you

QUICK TIP: Copy your unique referral link and save it to the ‘notes’ section of your phone so you can quickly and easily send it to people in text messages, emails and on social media


  • 8 of your friends and followers, each month, need an estate agent. They see your recommendation. Click the link and contact us.
  • We visit them to give free selling, letting or buying advice
  • 6 of them become clients (because when recommended, we have an 80% success rate vs 50% when not recommended)
  • Our average fee per client is £5000. Your 5% = £250 (and remember, they all also get 5% off our fee thanks to you)
  • Multiply that by the 6 clients you helped us help = £1500 in your pocket… easy month right?
  • Multiple that by 20 people we help thanks to you = £5000 per extra income per year. That’s an AMAZING holiday!


It’s pretty simple. Some estate agencies spend thousands of pounds each year putting pointless leaflets through peoples letter boxes aka junk mail. We don’t. We’d rather spend thousands of pounds on ‘thank you’ payments which come out of our marketing budget. It really is free money for you. Absolutely no catch. You help us. We help them. We pay you. Simple.

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