Here’s abit of short, sharp advice for anyone planning on selling a property.

I’m currently helping a client, Bee, find a house to buy in Reigate as she has a cash buyer for her property and keen to downsize but is REALLY struggling to find a suitable property within her price range.

She’s in her 80’s and very familiar with using (whoever says older people still look at newspapers are lieing).

Anyway, I went to her house for a coffee to discuss and plan a ‘property search strategy’. We sat down together on her iPad and went through properties on rightmove. We got to the details of a bungalow in the perfect location for her and I said “What about this one Bee, it looks ideal”. She said, “Oh, I dismissed that one weeks ago as it doesn’t look very nice”. My reply was “Well, I’m taking you out to view other properties so we may as well go and see this one too as you never know, you may like it”. This is the property…


Guess what… Bee loved it, the property is MUCH nicer than it looks online and she’s buying it.

Let me put that another way, she is buying a property that she would never have gone to see if it wasn’t for me suggesting she should… all because ‘it didn’t look very nice’ online.

There are 5 lessons here:

  1. The lesson for you: If you’re selling a property, anything less than ‘perfect presentation’, and by that I mean professionally taken pictures at very least, is unacceptable. If your agent doesn’t produce perfect pictures, sack them.
  2. The lesson for the lady who currently owns the bungalow: If she had invested a small amount of money in professional photography (usually around £100.00 for a small property), she would have likely sold in August when the property first went onto the market and saved herself the time and the money it has cost her to be in the property for an extra 2 months. She chose to sell her house via a national online estate agency to save some money. In reality, that decision has cost her time and money because with my help, Bee obviously isn’t paying the asking price AND the price of the property has had to be reduced since initially going into the market.
  3. ALWAYS go and view, you never know, you may like it.
  4. Use an expert local estate agent to help you buy… don’t just rely on rightmove.
  5. Choose your estate agency VERY wisely.

I’ve added some images below you so don’t make the same mistake











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