Understandably perhaps, most estate agents in the UK focus solely on property sellers and sometimes the buyer can be left feeling like a proverbial unloved bridesmaid, trailing down that metaphorical aisle.

Sellers deliver commission – yes that’s true – but buyers and estate agents create that sale and that commission.

So here’s a novel idea, already tried and tested in the USA, why don’t buyers have an estate agent to support them through the buying process?

Well in some places they do.

Enlightened estate agents have realised that holding the hands of buyers is as important as hand-holding with sellers, to carry on that wedding metaphor.

Let’s just a step back with you and think how buying and selling property traditionally operates, in three summarised steps:

  1. A property seller makes a decision to sell their home.
  1. They call several estate agents in, based on whatever criteria they use – recommendation, reputation, number of for sale and sold boards in the vicinity, social media presence or maybe the fact that they bought via that agent and enjoyed the experience.
  1. The seller’s property goes live on the market, portals are populated, viewings materialise and the vendor goes in a three way conversation with estate agent and buyers making offers. Exchange and completion takes place.

That’s standard practice. 

But what we’re offering is not.

You contact one of our great team at Power Bespoke as a buyer not a seller.

You might have moved into the area and are chain-free with no property to sell.

You’re a first time or fifth time buyer.

Now what we don’t do is push you into buying a property marketed by us. Obviously if there is one to match your requirements and budget, we will!

But what we’ll do for you as a property buyer is help you find your next home – even it’s marketed with another estate agency.

You see, as well as knowing the local property market intimately, we know whether a property with an estate agent is likely to have lots of interest because of location or price, or little interest because of an inflated guide price and whether it’s quietly stagnating. 

We can take over negotiations on your behalf.

Not with properties in our own portfolio of course but with other estate agents, saving you time and money, by using our expertise and negotiating skills.

You can read more here about our Buyer Representation & Negotiation Service. On average, our clients benefit from a £12,200 saving on their next property.

We call it: your very own professional estate agent fighting YOUR corner. 

Selling and buying with Power Bespoke makes for a long and happy marriage.